iPads Bring Therapeutic Benefits to MacAulay College

P1100214HI provided two iPads to MacAulay College recently to help their clients and staff have easier access to accurate and up-to-date health and patient information.

Macaulay College, based on the outskirts of Stornoway, encourage those adults aged over 16 years with additional social and educational needs to have meaningful and fulfilling working and social lives.

Macaulay College offers a programme of activities to enable their students to achieve their full potential, reach person specific targets whilst enriching both their working and social lives. Roland Engebretson, Co-Founder of Macaulay College, said “The iPads have enabled easier access to health information for our staff and students.  The added bonus has been the therapeutic benefits of the various apps available

He added, “Educational games, involving memory, coordination, problem solving, as well as music making and photography apps have been a huge hit.  One of our student, Steve, was particularly delighted with the iPads and told us they were “The bees knees!”.